Lushunkou District optimized the industrial upgrading and took the road of brand development

Lushunkou District optimized the industrial upgrading, encouraged and supported enterprises to carry out technological innovation, proactively guided enterprises to take the road of brand development, and developed the emerging industrial clusters and emerging industries, so as to enhance the competitive power of the enterprises.

In recent years, Lushunkou District has always adhered to the core principle of strengthening the quality and benefits of economic development, overcoming the economic downward pressure, seeking new ideas, striving for new breakthroughs, organizing and implementing a number of public relations issues on major equipment and key components development, thus having further enhanced the enterprises’ capacity of advanced research and development and technical reserves. The 300, 000-ton VLCC manufactured by COSCO Shipbuilding Industry Company has reached the advanced international level. The special vehicles manufactured by Dalian Qiche Railway Transportation Equipment Limited Liability Company have successfully occupied the Australian market. Dalian Huayang Chemical Fiber Technology Co. Ltd. has formulated the national standard of technical Textiles. A total of 39 enterprises among the district have been identified as high-tech enterprises, with 7 enterprises defined as National Technical Center, 1 as Provincial-level R & D Center and 11 as Municipal-level R & D Center.

Moreover, based on the development conditions, Lushunkou District relied on such well-known large enterprises as COSCO Shipbuilding Industry Company and Dalian DHI·DCW Group Ltd. to make innovation on the operating mechanism of regional brand and form the brand effect of “Made in Lushun” and “Equipped in Lushun”. The District also organized to apply for the special brands with Lushun characteristics such as prawn crackers national geographical indications and demonstration base of industrial products. Four trademarks of Demai Shi CDMS, Haiyantang, Hongjia and Gegeda have got access to the well-known national trademark certification and 40 trademarks including “Huanyou” of Dalian Huanyou Shield Pump Co. Ltd. and “Aiaimi” of Jilin Aodong Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd. have obtained the well-known provincial trademark certification.

Lushunkou District also deeply carried out the projects of the industrial cluster. So far two industrial clusters of Lushun railway transportation equipment manufacturing and Lushun Shipbuilding with over 10 billion yuan of corresponding output value have been established. The industrial cluster of pump has taken shape initiatively, where the products have been applied in such spaceflight projects as “Chang'e 3”and ASIA-1.