The Talent Employment Service Center in Lushunkou District has been pushing forward in a practical manner the business-starting work

Since the beginning of this year, the Talent Employment Service Center in Lushunkou District has been constantly optimizing the business-starting environment with innovation guiding business-starting work and with business-starting work driving employment, aiming to realize more sufficient and higher quality employment. The business-starting service system, focusing on the themes of project introduction, business-starting guidance, business-starting training, small-sum guaranteed loan and business-starting subsidy, has been constantly improved.


Strengthen publicity on policies. Policies have been known to more people through the activities of sending policies to communities and enterprises. More effort have been made, such as carrying out publicity activities of business-starting stars, setting up a special column of undergraduates’ starting a business at Lushun TV Station and publicizing the deeds of outstanding business-starting undergraduates, so as to build demonstration effects and create a strong atmosphere of nation-wide entrepreneurship. So far, more than 500 pieces of publicity materials have been distributed.

Positively carry out business-starting training. Establishing and improving the working mechanism in which entrepreneurship promotes employment with the combination of policy support, business-starting service and business-starting training helped a host of people master skills and improve their ability to start a business and get employed. Currently, more than 800 people have taken part in the entrepreneurship training on college graduates and 602 people in 9 sessions of entrepreneurship training on the unemployed registered in cities and towns, which helped 110 people successfully start a business and enabled 622 to get employed.

Give out small-sum guaranteed loan. Efforts should be made to increase government subsidies on small-sum guaranteed loan, extend the range, lower the threshold and simplify the formalities. This year, 8.15 million yuan of small-sum guaranteed loan and over 400 thousand yuan of government subsidies have been given out to 157 self-employed ventures started by laid off and unemployed workers.


Carry out preferential policies for employment and entrepreneurship. Comprehensively implement relevant documents issued by the superior departments about promoting public employment and entrepreneurship and encouraging all kinds of groups with entrepreneurship aspirations and abilities to be self-employed. According to the requirements of the “Suggestions on Bettering Employment Work by Dalian Municipal Government”([2010]Number 46 issued by Dalian Government), the self-employed operational entities drive employment and thus enjoy social security subsidies. A total of 9 enterprises and 59 individuals meet this requirement and over 620 thousand yuan of subsides have been given out throughout the year. According to the requirements of “Implementation Suggestions on Establishing a National Entrepreneurship-Style City”([2010]Number 18 issued by Dalian Government), currently in our District, there are 19 enterprises with public welfare positions, employing 75 people. More than 1.58 million yuan of social security subsidies and post subsides have been distributed throughout the year.