The weekly and monthly report system is now implemented in hazardous chemicals industry

On Dec. 6, some new adjustments towards hazardous chemicals industry were made during the meeting held by Municipal Regulatory Agency of Safety Production, which was also a response to the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Sessions of 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party. Present in the meeting were leaders in charge of safety production of 32 different enterprises like SINOPEC Dalian Branch.

According to “weekly report“ policies, 7 major enterprises including SINOPEC Dalian Branch and Dahua Chemical Group presented their reports of safety production of this week and the coming week. Issues covered including function of production equipment, special operations, check and maintenance of equipment, problem solving, operating of major hazardous chemicals and duty system. By analyzing main problems and each enterprise’ field production, the Municipal Regulatory Agency made some arrangements in the meeting, especially mentioned the main work enterprises need to do in the last quarter. 

It is said that in the next meeting, there will be more representatives of enterprises from different counties and districts. With the participation of more people, relevant problems will be solved more efficiently with a better understanding of the whole business, collective minds and various experiences.