The tourism industry in Lushunkou District has witnessed a new breakthrough

Lushunkou District fully implemented Tourism Law, strengthened tourism service system construction, actively created and promoted tourism brand products and promoted the development of tourism economy. Until now, the tourism revenue in the whole district has amounted to almost 3 billion yuan.

This year, during the process of implementing the national Tourism Law, the tourism departments in Lushunkou District has intensified governance and supervision on tourism markets, rectified illegal acts including “black-minded and unprofessional tour guides”, disordered competition and cheating tourists, enhanced service system construction, aroused consumers’ awareness of safeguarding legal rights and standardized the tourism market order in the jurisdiction areas. Meanwhile, efforts have been made to create the tourism products with Lushun features, strengthened the promotion work of publicizing tourism, make scenic films, tourism maps and publicity brochures of Lushun tourism, establish web-blog and we-chat platforms like “Holiday assistance tourism” and“Explore the world”, organize tourism exhibitions, establish interaction market of tourists sources with neighboring cities and design tourism souvenirs with Lushun characteristics. Further attention has been put on expanding and strengthening the festival activities such as “Lushun Cherry Blossom Festival”, “Cherry Festival”, “Beihai Fisherman’s Festival”, establishing picking bases of cherry, strawberry, raspberry, apples and figs and leisure resorts including “Farm stay”, “Happy fishing” and developing leisure resort tourism including picking in farms, sightseeing, experience, enjoying sea and fishing. Through the passage for bird migration of Lushun, the international bird-watching competition was held to promote ecological tourism and bird-watching tourism. Further efforts have been made to publicize agricultural products of national geography including “Lushun Big Cherry” and “Lushun Juicy Pear” and brand sea products including Lushun Sea Cucumber and Lushun Kelp so as to increase public awareness and influence of Lushun and attract more tourists both at home and abroad to go sightseeing at Lushun. Until the end of September, the total number of tourists in the entire tourism areas has amounted to 7.721 million person time, accounting for 96.1 percent of the annual plan, an increase of 0.26 year on year and the comprehensive tourism revenue has been up to 2.98 billion yuan, accounting for 88.7 percent of the whole year planning, 18.7 up year on year, which contributes to a new breakthrough in tourism industry.