The Market Supervisory Authority of Zhuanghe City paid a return visit to transforming enterprises and made great achievement in consolidating the work

From Aug. 3rd to Aug. 14th, the Market Supervisory Authority of Zhuanghe City paid a return visit to part of the transforming enterprises and conducted a two weeks’ investigation and survey. The survey of the return visit mainly focused on researching the impetus of enterprise transformation and the change in the enterprises’ scale, staff and state of operation after the transformation, and whether the transformation preferential policies have been carried out and whether the enterprises’ burden has been aggravated and the hardship and problems encountered by the enterprises in the process of operating. And at the same time, it publicized relevant preferential policies of government at all levels concerning supporting “transforming individual business to enterprises”. The authority selected 13 enterprises in total that were transformed from individual business from this year and last year, covering 13% of the total number of “transformed enterprises from individual business” at the same period. It is understood that most of the current transformed enterprises have had great development impetus and bright prospect and played an active role in standardizing enterprise management, promoting enterprises’ image and developing product market; however, there are a minority of enterprises facing problems of the increase of cost and aggravation of enterprises’ burden and so on through the investigation. The Market Supervisory Authority of Zhuanghe City will further strengthen scientific guidance and consolidate the achievement of transforming individual business to enterprises and truly realize the goal of upgrading the work of transforming individual business to enterprises.