Zhuanghe City held the promotion meeting on the work of creating the city

On August 6th morning, Zhuanghe City held the promotion meeting on the work of creating the city. During the meeting, the work progress of the former period has been  summarized and  the following work has been arranged and deployed. The meeting participants are as follows: leaders from Zhuanghe City, including He Tong, LV Jianchun, Lu Jianyuan and Fu Yanguo, the relevant members of the Civilization Committee, and the relevant leaders from the Creating City Office and the Supervision Group of Zhuanghe City, as well as leaders of relevant departments and units on creating the City. Sha Zhihua, member of the Municipal Standing Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department, presided over the meeting.


During the meeting, the work on Creating the City of the early period, together with the two on-site assessment condition of creating the City in Zhuanghe City, implemented by Dalian Civilization Office in June and July, has been reported. The education activity with the them of the Core Values of Socialism has been arranged and deployed. The work report movie on the Environment Rectification Month has been seen, and the comprehensive rectification work on the City has been further deployed. It’s reported that since the work of creating a national civilized city in Zhuanghe City has been launched officially, the whole city has been enjoying a good atmosphere in full swing and currently the ZhuangheCity Creating Office has distributed the 640 divided tasks to 72 responsible units respectively in the whole City and the responsible documents have been signed later. The streets and communities at all levels and over 30 relevant units have been arranged to participate in the centralized rectification work towards the key and tough areas of the City, with participants amounting to more than 3400. The publicity has been enhanced on Zhuanghe Newspaper and Zhuanghe TV Station. The platforms such as Microblog, Wechat and websites, etc, have been introduced. Meanwhile, the propaganda contents on creating the City have been set up in public places or been broadcasted in a rolling manner. In a word, the works on creating the City have been carried out in full swing.


Hetong, Deputy Secretary of Zhuanghe Municipal Party Committee, has stressed in the meeting that with the joint efforts, great achievements have been gained in the aspect of creating the City in the early period in Zhuanghe City. The City appearance has taken on a new and initial look and the awareness of civilization of Zhuanghe citizens has been raised further. It is a must that the next activity “the Propaganda and Education Month on the Socialist Value Outlook ” has to be implemented in the next stage, which should focus on the community, school, departments and enterprises and institutions, combine closely conditions of lives, work and the conditions of creating the City, thus enabling the masses to enjoy a universal education.


He Tong has stressed that the whole City should be mobilized continuously, perform their own functions and responsibilities accordingly, cooperate with each other and struggle to establish a longstanding linkage work mechanism. Every unit should establish enough confidence, define its own task and form the joint efforts in creating the City to promote the construction of the civilized city, thus solving the hot issues such as environmental problems, traffic orders and social service revealed by the masses and doing more and more good and practical things that conform to people’s opinions, resolve people’s concerns and serve the people, finally making the work of creating the City function as the people’s livelihood projects that satisfy the masses.