Lushunkou District launches qualification and classification in the health supervision management in higher education institutions

        To carry out health work in higher education institutions and avoid public healthy emergencies, Heath and Family Planning Bureau of Lushunkou District now launches qualification and classification in the health supervision management in the higher education institutions in Lushun.


        The management includes aspects such as prevention and control of infectious diseases, food safety, public heath emergencies, common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases among students and living environment health and so on. They are ranked A, B or C according to the comprehensive assessment. If an institution’s actual grade reaches 90% or more of the standard, it is ranked A, excellent. The grade between 60%90% falls into B, qualified. While those whose grade is below 60% are C, unqualified. Additionally, the unqualified will be asked to make adjustment within a limit time.


        At present, the staffs of Health Supervision Administration of the district have given a lecture on qualification and classification management to the seven higher education institutions in Lushunkou, including Dalian Medical University and Dalian University of Foreign Languages. They also carry out supervision and instruction on the campus, actively providing assitance for colleges or universities in self-inspection, helping solve practical difficulties and giving effective suggestions in making corrections according to assessement results and making progress according to ranks. In this way, the heath care of higher education institutions will be further improved.