Cherries are ripe and picking will start in Lushunkou District

        With the Cherry Festival drawing near, super cherry of Lushunkou District will ripe and be sold in markets. All of the picking orchards are positively preparing for receptions and peaks of picking.


        In Guojia Village, Tieshan Street of Lushunkou District, crops are mature earlier more than one week or half a month than that of the outside mountains and it is also the place where the super cherry, well-known as “The Earliest Mature Fruit in the South of Liaoning”, are ripe earliest. In “Nanshanli Eco Garden” of Guojia Village, Tieshan Street, more than 20 mu cherry like Hongyan and Bigarreau Burla are near to be mature. They are hanging on the branches and after three or five days, they will be sold on market.


        Located in the southernmost of Liaotung Peninsula, due to the surroundings of Laotie Mountain, temperature in Nanshanli of Tieshan Street is higher for five or six degrees than outside and the season time are also earlier for about 10 days. Every year, the peasants in Chenjia Village, Zhangjia Village and Guojia Village earn about 70 to 80 million yuan because of over five thousand mu cherry. This year, the cherries are especially harvest. In order to enhance the effectiveness of cherry production, peasants improve the facilities construction of cherry picking orchard. In every orchard, roads are built with square bricks for walking and washrooms and lounges are well established for tourists. There are cherry markets in each village serving for peasants and helping them increase benefits.