The key project of tourism villa area in Lushunkou District is going smoothly

In recent days, a cluster of villas, with dapper courtyards, shady streets, characteristic pavilions, white walls and grey tiles, are being built on the beach. This is the key project of resort area under construction named “China Railway-Spring Breeze”. 

The China Railway Hupowan Cultural Tourism Area and its property project, developed by Dalian Zijin Development Limited Company, covers 770 thousand square meters with the building area up to 800 thousand square meters and the property area for sale up to 590 thousand square meters. A total of 7 billion yuan was invested in commercial guild halls, high-end apartments, commercial service centers, marinas, maritime commercial cultural squares, ocean-theme tourism recreational center as well as supporting facilities. Relevant departments in Lushunkou District vigorously support the construction of the key project and enhance follow-up service for various formalities so as to push forward the steady progress of the key project.

Since the construction of the project in 2008, 1.5 billion yuan has been invested in 5 small high-rises and 274 villas. This year, 220 million yuan was invested in the villa resort area featur3
Qing holiday tourism, ecological dwelling and seascape enjoying. Currently, over 1600 square-meter sample rooms have been decorated and open to the public, making due contributions to the cultural tourism industry of Lushun.