Remarkable progress has been made in afforestation, protection and management of the state forest farm in Lushunkou District


In the construction of ecological system of green hills, the state forest farm in Lushunkou District is focusing their efforts on the ecological afforestation and beautification, achieving remarkable results.


Since the beginning of this year, the state forest farm in Lushunkou District has taken up the work to afforest, protect and manage the agricultural streets  as well as centers of new towns in this district.


In order to bring more than speed and quality to the task, the staff of the forest farm made full use of the nursery stock base and cultivated more than o.5 million reserves and 70 landscape trees including cypresses and cedars in a 260-mu-seedling garden. In Guoshui Road, 203 scenic spot, more than 30 mu colorful trees including red maple, magnolia, golden leaf Aceraceae and compound leaf Aceraceae are planted. Besides, five new afforestation projects in some areas like the coal yard in Longhe are also completed, coupled with more than 6,600 trees and shrubs, more than 5,000 square meters of flowers, plants as well as lawns.


Throughout the first half of this year, the completion of 53,000 square meters afforestation was achieved. At the same time, the management and protection work are also in progress. Seven 360 km-long green belts in Guoshui Road, Mabei Road and other roads and five gardens including Sanjianpu Industrial Park and the Western Square of the district government are under protection and good management. There are 150,000 trees in total clipped and afforested and about 400-square-meters lands are under protection and management.


To solve the problem caused by the drought in this spring, the state forest also irrigated the trees and green lands in the district many times to ensure their rate of survival and healthy growth. In case of fires, the farm also did a  good job in forest fire prevention and control in order to offer a safe environment to the forest resource.