Zhuanghe City Regulate Illegal Transportation with Hard Hitting


We learned that Zhuanghe City established a regulation group to crackdown on illegal transportation. The aim is to form a joint force toward the regulation of the traffic safety, normalize the order of the transportation in the city and provide a safe transportation environment. According to the group’s request, Zhuanghe City Publicity Security Bureau, Road Transport Management, and the Urban Construction Law Enforcement Squads already took unified action in Zhuanghe City and participated in the centralized renovation about the illegal transportation in May 23th.


In this action, each department took joint action and was divided into 2 groups as fixed position and mobile position to do the regulation in the main road segments in the City. At the same time, the mobile groups circuited at the main arteries to check and control the passing vehicles and investigated and punished the illegal vehicles with a detain of the vehicle and a 30,000-yuan penalty. Next, Zhuanghe City would develop detailed and doable plan about the electric tricycles. With the continuous tough situation and strict punishment, the government would devote great effort to the regulation of the illegal vehicles, such as electric tricycles, in order to totally sweep away the illegal tricycles and purify the transport environment.