Attracting Foreign Investment Had A Good Start in the First Quarter in Jinpu New Area

The actual use of foreign capital in the first quarter has seen a year-on- year growth of 168%.


Attracting foreign investment has a good start in the first quarter. The actual use of foreign investment reached 480 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 168% over the same period of the previous year, which completed 22.88% of the annual tasks, accounting for 63.16% of the city's actual utilization of foreign investment in the first quarter.


It’s report form the New District Business Bureau that this year the Jinpu government will actively implement the foreign investment promotion activities like visiting Intel, Volkswagen, Omron, Pfizer, Sumitomo Chemical to promote some key projects, visiting the Global 500 to seek for more cooperation, participating in summer Davos Forum, HANNOVER MESSE and other large-scale exhibitions for further information, for broadening the channels of attracting investment, for increasing reserve projects, and fully achieving breakthroughs on investment.