The First Quarter Industrial Economy Scheduling Meeting was Held in Ganjingzi District

Recently, in order to guarantee the normal operation of industrial economy in Ganjingzi District in 2018 with a good start and ensure the annual economic index achieved successfully, the first quarter industrial economy scheduling meeting was held in Gangjingzi District. Li Lianqiang, deputy district mayor, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Besides, the head of each sub-district office and director of Office of Economic Development also attended the meeting. 

In the meeting, it briefed the industrial economy index performance in January and February and assigned the index mission in March. Meanwhile, the industrial economy operational situation in former two months was also analyzed. 

Li Lianqiang approved each comrade’s hard work. As for the next step, he stressed three points. First, deepen the understanding of industrial operation and enhance the confidence of fulfilling the mission to accurately grasp the operational tendency and characteristics as well as the analysis of various influenced factors. Second, stick to the target by shouldering the responsibility and intensifying the decomposition and practice of mission. Taking “upgrade of small and micro businesses” as the breakthrough to guarantee the quick unification of statistical data. Third, keep tight up with the mission progress. Focusing on the key point to actively push forward the four key tasks of Bureau of Economic and Information, so as to lay the foundation for accomplishing the annual target successfully.