Ganjingzi District Stimulated the Development of Financial Products Service

On April 9, the 2018 launching ceremony of cooperative platform of government, bank and enterprise—promoting conference of “Cloud Tax Loan” was held by government in Ganjingzi District. Xu Kejun, district mayor, attended the conference and delivered a speech. Li Lianqiang, deputy district mayor, together with Zhang Xijun, governor of Dalian Branch, China Construction Bank, leading cadres from each sub-district office, also attended the conference.

At the conference, Ganjingzi Bureau of Economy and Information, together with National Tax Bureau and Local Tax Bureau, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the new district branch, China Construction Bank. It aimed to promote the cooperation of government, bank and enterprise to a new stage relied on platform of “Cloud Tax Loan”. It is a pure credit financing product aiming to meet the financing requirement of small and micro business. Taking advantage of internet and big data technology, it can convert enterprise’s “tax-paying credit” to “financing superior assets”. Through this platform, the enterprise with favorable tax fillings can apply for funding online at his will quickly and conveniently.

Furthermore, Bureau of Economy and Information will fully utilize the enterprise operational monitoring public service platform in Ganjingzi District to grasp their financing requirements dynamically, so as to carefully select and recommend eligible projects to them. It will strengthen the communication with National Tax Bureau, Local Tax Bureau and China Construction Bank to ensure the efficient operation of the cooperative platform. Besides, the “Cloud Tax Loan” shall be promoted actively to advance the normalization and institutionalization of cooperation, to guide the enterprise using the credit and loan reasonably, lowering lever ratio, controlling cash flow and to ensure the enterprise develops in a healthy and steady way.