The Construction of Major Projects for 2018 in Jinpu New Area Kicked Off

Spring is the best time of a year.

In the first quarter, there are 12 newly-commenced projects with a total investment of over 10 million RMB and 51 under construction projects with a total investment of over 50 million RMB.                    

Throughout the year, we promoted 142 major projects which investment are over 50 million RMB with total investment of 149.5 billion RMB, of which 56 projects are new projects and 86 are continuously constructed projects.

Spring is the best time of a year, the project construction is just in time. With the coming of the spring, the construction of major projects for 2018 in Jinpu New Area kicked off.

In the first quarter, there were 12 new projects of which each investment is over 10 million RMB, a total investment of 2.26 billion RMB, and an annual planned investment of 1.11 billion RMB, of which 5 projects such as Yuanjin Automotive are under construction before the end of February; 51 continuously constructed projects of which each investment is over 50 million RMB, a total investment of 77.1 billion RMB, and the annual planned investment is 31.4 billion RMB. Among them, 19 projects such as the BorgWarner Dual-clutch Automatic Transmission Phase II and the Dalian Port North Shore Automotive Logistics Center are under construction before the end of February. In the first two months, the entire region is expected to complete a fixed asset investment of 3.37 billion RMB, up 135.6%, and continue to be advanced in scale and speed in our city.

Throughout the year, there were 142 major projects of which each investment is over 50 million RMB, a total investment of nearly 150 billion RMB. Among them, there are 56 new projects planned to start, a total investment of 31.4 billion RMB; 86 projects will be continued to construct, a total investment of 118.1 billion RMB.

High-end manufacturing project is the main force

The world's leading supplier of automotive thermal management, Korea Anghan System Co., Ltd. , has invested a total of 1 billion RMB in the new energy automotive air-conditioning compressor project, signed a contract in New Area on December 14 last year.  This year, this project will start construction. The project mainly produces new energy automotive air-conditioning compressors and their components. It is expected that the annual production will reach 600,000 and the annual tax payment will reach 100 million RMB.

A batch of projects were completed and put into production

This year, the construction of a batch of new projects such as the Shuangye Technology Center, Guangshen New High-tech Innovation Center,  Zhuyou Chemical expansion of TPE project Ⅲ, and the Dalian Yupei  Aquatic Products Cold-chain Logistics Industrial Park projectⅠof 53,000 square meters will be completed during the year. The new projects such as Kedaly Industrial Park for New Energy Automotive Power Battery Precision Structures, the development and industrialization of marine organism functional products and Dalian Aode Gas Meter will start with pilot production within the year.

Grasping the project means grasping development and future. In order to strengthen the decomposition of tasks, the New Area has completed the implementation plan of the major projects and monthly investment in fixed assets investment of 2018, the implementation plan to promote the fixed assets investment and major projects of 2018, the fixed assets investment assessment program and the initial preparation of key project assessment. They will be issued and implemented in the next step. At the same time, the New Area requires the relevant units to promote the project as soon as possible, and strive to make a good beginning in the first quarter.