Jinpu New Area Implements "50 Policies for Business" to Support Enterprises

25 industrial categories, more than 400 enterprises and  projects get financial support for more than 40 million RMB

After the review and approval, 25 industrial categories and more than 400 enterprises and projects in the New Area got support from the “50 Policies for Business”,  with a total of more than 40 million RMB.

With the approval of the Administrative Committee of the New Area, “50 Policies for Business” was issued on March 9th, 2017; the  Commercial Bureau and the Financial Bureau of New Area jointly issued detailed rules of“50 Policies for Business” in November 2017 and organized enterprises to apply for policy support.

The enterprises that expanded the national project of "the Belt and Road" , participated in key exhibition projects and contibuted to foreign trade export have got 5.814 million RMB.

 The special funds for the development of foreign trade in the New Area supports the enterprises that expanded the national project of “Belt and Road”, participated in key exhibition projects and contributed to foreign trade exports. Among them, 34 are projects that encourged to expand national project of the“Belt and Road”, including 34 enterprises such as Huarui Special Transmission Equipment, Jiahe Electronic Technology and INNO Biology; 40 are projects that encouraged to participate in key exhibition projects, including 34 enterprises such as the Qige Group, Huabo Clothing and Oriental Kemai Electronics; 51 foreign export contribution enterprises for 2016 such as Intel, Liwang Trade, and Tianbao Green Food are rewarded. A total of 5.814 million yuan was honored.

8 types of construction and renovation projects such as community vegetable shops, standardized farmers' markets, and large-scale markets have got 10.71 million RMB.

 The special funds for the Commercial and Trade Service Industry supports 49 projects of 8 types, including community vegetable shop construction project, standardized farmers' market construction project, large-scale market construction and renovation project, large-scale commercial facilities construction project, regional comprehensive commercial center construction project and featured commercial streets, public trade service platform construction project and project for enterprises above the designated size, with a cash capital of 10.71 million yuan.

9 types of industrial projects such as industrial technological transformation, technological innovation and new product development and brand building have got 16.489 million RMB.

The special funds which was approved for industrial development of the New Area in 2016 have supported nine types of a total of 105 projects. Among them, there are 2 industrial technological transformation projects; 13 projects for 12 enterprises in technological innovation and new product development; 36 brand building projects; 6 projects for enterprises technology center; 3 projects for bidding domestic major projects; 1 industrial cooperation projects in region, 2 projects for small business venture base, 25 “special and new”products (techniques) projects for 19 companies; 17 projects for new enterprises. A total of 16.489 million RMB was honored.

5 projects such as tourism key projects, transformation and upgrading of rural tourism, tourism brand creation have got 9.6 million RMB.

There are altogether 171 tourism development projects in five aspects, including the tourism key projects such as Luneng Hot Spring, Shimao Hot Spring, Ziyunhuaxi Castle Hotel, Discoveryland Cool Mini World, the transformation and upgradingrural tourism such as Sculpture Art Tribe, Wujia Courtyard, the tourism brand building such as Shihe Donggou Provincial Tourism Resort, Haiyan World Park, National Industrial Tourism Demonstration Base, the construction of tourism public service facilities such as Fortress Visitor Center, Liangshuiwan RV Camping Site, Huaizhixiang RV Camping Site and the tourism festival such as Cherry Festival, Beach Festival, Strawberry Festival, Winter Swimming Festival. These projects have received support incentives for tourism with a total of 9.6 million RMB.