Lvshunkou Government is Planning to Establish A Development Model

Lvshunkou district government has been implementing the rural revitalization strategy and is actively forging a new modem agricultural economy. Along with the establishment of the new model of integrating the Internet and agriculture, the urban modern agriculture in the whole district is fully developed.


So far, with establishment of the offline experience center in lvshunkou and some online specialty-products shops on Alibaba and Jingdong, there are more than 280 online shops and more than 20 rural e-commerce service stations. The government took efforts to renew 6 farmers markets and over 20 small agricultural markets, providing agricultural products distributing centers for e-commerce.


Besides, cooperating with some express companies like sf-express, the government has developed a customer-oriented allocation system, making the agricultural products easy to be consumed. By the end of last year, they have sold 125,000 tons of agricultural products through the regional network and reached the sales revenue of 1.5 billion yuan, accounting for 35% of the total agricultural products and gross domestic product respectively.