A continuous transformation of working style focused in Jinpu New Area


Under the delightful atmosphere of clarion sounding, the Jinpu New Area started its first working day of 2018. And a continuous transformation of work style was focused on in the area through self-pressurization.


“The first thing to do for the citizens in service is to make them a good mood.” This is the first standard horn of style change which must reach every organ cadre and citizen throughout Dalian.


“What may I help you?” and “I’ll try my best to do for you!”…These are ten daily work civilized sentence for municipal organ cadres and public officials. This is a tough battle for style change, but we must fight well and win it. While problems could be observed though investigation and results be noticed through unannounced visits, the real goal lies on significant improvement on work style, efficiency and business environment. To reach this desired goal, we must act immediately and well, to gain satisfaction from enterprises and the mass.