Lushunkou District breaks a new record on comprehensive income of tourism on the Golden Week holiday

During the eight-day National Day holiday, Lushunkou District bathed in a strong tourism atmosphere, with booming reception of main tourism attractions in the urban area. In addition, rural tourism, hot spring tour and self-driving traveling continued to heat up, making tourism consumption demand fully released. The number of tourists as well as tourism comprehensive revenue both reached the peek, achieving the overall goal of “safety, stability, quality and harmony”. Statistically, the whole district received a total number of 298,900 visitors, with a year-on-year growth of 40.07%, obtaining the comprehensive income of 104.6 million yuan with an year-on-year increase of 28.15%.

Due to the dual effects brought by the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival and the stimulation of partial scenic spots’ free entrance policy, Lushunkou District attracted vast number of tourists. Tourism market of the whole region was characterized as follows: the visitor number increasing sharply, emerging tourism project getting more attention, colorful tourist activities, free-entrance scenic spots receiving more and more tourists and self-driving hot spring tour becoming more and more popular.

Over this tourist prime week, Lushunkou scenic spots developed many tourism activities which were abundant in culture implications and full of festive atmosphere and also enriched the tourism lines. Meanwhile, measures toward refinement of the target population and improvement of the tourism quality were carried out. Taiyanggou of Lushunkou District held the third Colorful-leaf Festival with activities such as delicacy experience, pottery making, exhibition of folk cultural creations and collections as well as exhibition of Xu Shitao Lushun modern heritage collection and so on. Rural Tourism Homestay Project at Xiaonan Village was put into formal use, providing accommodation of about one hundred people at the same time. Lushun Submarine Museum encouraged people to buy tickets with the privilege of free boarding as well as free-tickets for  viewing platform at Golden Hill. In addition, Gramophone Museum and Chuang Guandong Film Base also put forward a series of preferential activities. These colorful activities attracted a lot of tourists to visit Lushun, promoted the development of hot scenic spots and also contributed to the consumption growth.