Jinpu New Area achieves the GDP of nearly one hundred billion yuan in the first half year

In the first half year, Jinpu New Area achieves the GDP of 94.51 billion yuan, with an increase of 6.4%. The general public budget revenue amounts to 7.33 billion yuan, with the growth of 16.6%, 12.5% higher than the average level of Dalian. The value of gross output above designated size realizes 127.95 billion yuan, accounting for 41.2% of the city’s total output with the rise of 8%, 5.9% higher than the city average level. The actual utilization amount of domestic and foreign capital is up to 5.6 billion and 1 billion yuan, taking up 12.7% and 47.6% respectively. 13158 market entities are newly registered, accounting for 24.53%. Jinpu New Area takes the remarkable lead in the construction of “two advanced region” and the rejuvenation of Liaoning province.