Changhai County’s tourism is flourishing--tourist number and tourism revenue hit a new record during the May Day

During the May Day holiday, Changhai County’s tourism was flouring with the tourism work being deployed in a coordinated and orderly manner and fully implemented. The tourism order was stable and orderly and tourists number and tourism revenue hit a new record, which realized the goal of “safety, order, quality and efficiency”. During the May Day, the number of tourists that came to the island was 10.54 thousand, with 10.75 million revenue and with an increase of 27% and 30% compared to that of last year.

The whole situation could be summarized as follows. Firstly, the County focused on priority and safety to ensure an orderly tourism market.

During the May Day, tourism market of Changhai was safe and orderly, with no security incidents and zero complaints, which improved tourist satisfaction in general. Before the May Day holiday, the Tourism Working Group of Changhai County issued the Notice on Strengthening the Work of Tourism Safety Management in the Peak Season, and carried out service and safety inspection in the whole county, focusing on firefighting, food, electricity and wading safety. For those units with insufficient service or hidden danger, the working staff required them to rectify the situation within deadline. During the May Day, tourism market of Changhai was safe and orderly, which created a comfortable and safe tourism environment for the tourists.

Secondly, the weather was fine, with both tourism and climate hitting up.

During the holiday, the County’s weather was fine, which was a good time for tourists outing, having fun and happily returning home. Linyang Hotel and other star-rated hotels received guests from the three northeast provinces. Among the hotels, Honghua Hotel received 172 tourists.

Thirdly, the holiday tourism products were rich with distinctive features.

During the holiday, the County focused on the two major advantages of island, which were “summer resort” and “delicious seafood”, based on the tourism market demand, forming a series of tourism products, such as fishing in the sea,  fishing family tour, seafood tasting tour and island scenery appreciation, which focused more on participation, interaction and culture, and all of these tourism products’ quantity, quality, characteristics and organizational security were better than previous years.

Fourthly, tours around the County and short-distance tours were favored, with more high-end guests’ participation.

As the May Day holiday was short, tourists could only choose those resorts around the County, which made short-distance tours and tours around the County favored and the phenomenon fueled the County’s May Day tourism market. According to the survey, the island tourists mainly came from Dalian, Shenyang and Jilin province and other places, with an increasing portion of high-end people. Boan Jinwan Hotel received 100 tourists and most of them came from Liaoning province; Zhonglu Fangche Villa also received over 256 tourists and Haichang Hotel received more than 200 tourists.

Fifthly, fishing family tours and other characteristic tourism continued to be attractive.

As the main tourism product of Changhai County -- “fishing family tour” was favored by foreign tourists in recent years. During the holiday, those products launched by the fishing family, like beach combing, fishing, seafood tasting and other characteristic tourism products were favored by the tourists. Zhangzi Fishing Company received 236 fishing tourists and Zhangzi Dadian Island Fishing Club received 157 fishing tourists.

Sixthly, self-service and self-driving tours continued to heat up.

With the cancellation of highway toll, self-driving tourism was on the rise. Individual tourists, families and friends gathering took up a large portion of self-service tours, with more returned tourists. Most of self-service and self-driving tourists came from the three northeastern provinces, Beijing, Tianjin and Inner Mongolia. Islands around Dalian also received more tourists than  previous years. The Xingwang Yujia of Haxian Island received 169 tourists.

Seventhly, the quality improvement of tourism reception work achieved good effects.

The County Tourism Bureau and the township tourism offices assigned special people to be on duty for the coordination and arrangements of tourism reception work. The working staff accurately got information on the County’s tourism reception and freely provided relevant information on food, shelter, travel, shopping and entertainment for the island tourists. All the hotels, restaurants, resorts and fishing hotels were equipped with sufficient working staff and they conducted an orderly reception work. All the scenic areas, fixed spots for fishing and specialized fishing vessels were equipped with special reception teams to form a high quality service atmosphere.