Project construction in the first quarter is over fulfilled

Since this year, Dalian has stuck to the principle of “projects are critical for future development”, taken the promotion of major projects as an important measure for stabilizing growth, adjusting structure, promoting reform, benefiting people and preventing risks and created a good environment for project construction. It was known yesterday from the Municipal Development and Reform Commission that there are 425 new and resumed projects in Dalian with a total investment of 716.8 billion yuan. There are 103 over 10-million-yuan projects with an investment of 88 billion yuan and the annual investment for them is 39.5 billion yuan. There are 322 resumed projects with a total investment of 628.8 billion yuan and 75.7 billion yuan for the investment this year. There are 281 over 100-million-yuan projects with a total investment of 626.1 billion yuan and 73 billion yuan for the investment this year. So the workload of finishing over 100 over 10-million-yuan and over 100-million-yuan projects respectively by the municipal government was fulfilled ahead of time.

The 103 over 100-million-yuan projects have prominent features. Firstly, the number of newly started projects increased by 14% year on year. Secondly, the newly projects are large in investment scale. There are 46 over 100-million-yuan projects with a total investment of 85.5 billion yuan, 3 over 10-billion-yuan projects with a total investment of 45.9 billion yuan, 13 projects ranging from 1 billion to 10 billion yuan, 30 projects ranging from 0.1 billion to 1 billion yuan, and 57 projects whose investment are below 0.1 billion yuan. Thirdly, the 31 industrial projects with a total investment of 20.9 billion yuan account for 31% of all the new projects. Among the 18 industrial projects, there are 10 strategic emerging industry projects with a total investment of 18.2 billion yuan, 97% of all industrial investment in industrial projects. Fourthly, the 50.6 billion yuan of investment in 46 infrastructure projects takes up 58% of all project investment. Fifthly, most of the new projects are located in Ganjingzi District and Jinpu New District. Specifically, there are 22 projects in Ganjingzi District, 16 in Jinpu New District, 10 from the municipal Construction Bureau, 9 in Zhuanghe City, 8 in High-tech Zone, 6 in Wafangdian City, 5 in Lushunkou District, 5 in Pulandian District, 5 in Free Trade Zone, etc..

The municipal government has organized a number of work conferences on major projects to promote major projects. 816 over 50-million-yuan major projects were planned to start this year. Besides, 180 projects with a total investment of more than 930 billion yuan were selected as municipal key projects. Besides, Dalian has made a “Scheduling Program for Major Projects and Fixed Assets Investment in Dalian” to effectively solve problems in major projects by adopting online and offline scheduling, single-month scheduling, and timely scheduling for major projects, etc.. The municipal Development and Reform Commission as a leading unit for promoting major projects further innovates on the model of innovation program and specify the major projects to different departments so as to form a joint supervision mechanism. The over 10-billion-projects in Dalian were specially scheduled so as to solve problems in projects promotion.