Dalian: to promote the growth of housing fund

 In 2017, Dalian City Housing Fund Management Center (Dalian Center) puts forward that the proportion of housing fund strives to reach 8% while maintaining at least 6% and make the fund amount reach 22 billion yuan. Dalian Center confronted with such problems as slow growth in housing fund, inefficiency in enterprises, etc. makes preparations and deployment in advance and promotes the growth of housing fund in a deep and meticulous way to make a solid foundation for the steady and healthy development of housing fund.

I. To clarify the situation and specify job positioning.
Dalian housing provident fund has been growing rapidly since 2010 with an annual increase of 12.53%. By the end of 2016, 2564000 workers in 52453 units have established housing provident fund accounts, making the cumulative housing provident fund reach 148.313 billion yuan and the coverage rate of housing provident fund is up to 92.37%, which thus makes it harder to expand fund. Dalian Center is to promote the housing fund to protect people’s legal rights by urging units to pay adequate housing fund.

II. To improve measures and dig potential to enhance the work of housing fund
Dalian Center made a Work Program on 2017 Housing Provident Fund to improve measures, refine requirements and enhance work on housing provident fund.

The first is to strengthen publicity for housing provident fund and inspire endogenous power of both employers and employees. Various publicity measures such as publicity through different channels, in-depth monthly publicity and policy interpretation column establishment will be taken to publicize policies for the payment and extraction of housing provident fund in a multi-level and multi-angle way so as to enhance employers’ sense of responsibility and make employees supervise the employers’ payment of housing fund.

The second is to clarify key work for housing fund and inspect the units that have not established housing provident fund accounts for its members by obtaining enterprises’ such data as registration, revocation, social insurance payment and tax information and conducting further inspection. Site visit will be paid according to the obtained information to learn about the operation of enterprises, publicize relevant policies and urge the units to pay for the fund. Besides, the 1600 “enterprises transformed from individual businesses will be urged to pay for housing fund. Service for individual businesses and freelancers would be enhanced to expand the coverage of housing fund.

The third is to examine the base amount of housing fund to ensure full payment by inspecting the units paying housing fund with the base lower than the lowest level for housing fund or 60% of social average wage in the previous year, inspecting the units that opened the account within one year without payment record, working well in standardizing and adjusting the base number of housing fund, coordinating with the Municipal Finance Bureau and the Human Resources and Social Bureau in reviewing and approving the base number for housing fund, and urging relevant units to include staff’s performance, subsidy and so on into the base number.

The fourth is to standardize law enforcement work and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees by urging units failing to establish enough accounts to pay enough housing fund through law enforcement departments, increasing efforts in urging units that default in payment for a long time or in large amount by site visiting, interview, administrative law enforcement, actively cooperating with such departments as court to ensure the execution of punishment for default in payment, and in depth participating in corporate credit rating evaluation to give full play to the regulative role of provisions on provident fund in labor contracts. 

The fifth is to strengthen cooperation among different departments by encouraging staff from the fund-raising office, business department and fund office to increase efficiency in fund collection through assessment and evaluation and fostering agent banks to urge units having opened accounts in the bank to pay for housing fund.