The sellers of edible agricultural products should present “ID” before accessing market in Jinpu New District


Jinpu New District Market Supervision Administration issued Notice on the Market Access of Edible Agricultural Products, adopting the market access system for the sellers of edible agricultural products in wholesale market, large supermarket and fresh chain supermarket. The edible products with unknown source or origin will not be allowed into the market, which means the sellers should present “ID” before accessing the market.



The edible agricultural products incorporated into the access system include vegetables, edible fungi, fruits, aquatic products, livestock and poultry products. The sellers should perform the inspection record obligation and check relevant certifications and record the specific information like name, quantity, date of purchase and supplier's name, address and contact information and save the invoices. The unqualified agricultural products should not be purchased. The sellers with uniform dispatching mode can establish the checking system together with their headquarters. The sales enterprise engaged in wholesale of edible agricultural products should set up a sales record system. The edible agricultural products wholesale market, centralized trading market, large supermarkets and fresh supermarket chain in Jinpu New District should implement the main responsibility of food safety by establishing seller document, inspecting ID and social credit code of sellers and save relevant documents.



The market access system of edible agricultural products serves as the important means to improve the quality and safety of edible agricultural products, ensure the safety of food consumption, which plays a significant role of safeguarding people's health, promoting the development of agricultural industry and increasing farmers' income and social harmony and stability.