The municipal government holds a work conference on finance


Municipal government held a work conference on finance to summarize the work in 2016, analyze the current economic situation and deploy work goals in 2017. Deputy Mayor Hong Dengjin attended the conference and delivered a speech.



Hong Dengjin gave full affirmation to the prominent results of financial system in coping with challenge and promoting the sound and stable economic and social development. Hong also made a judgement on the objective situation of finance from the perspective of opportunity and challenge and a requirement on financial work including “firming confidence, boosting development, preventing risks, building a strong foundation, strictly governing the Party”. He said we should take confidence as the premise, development as the essence, risk control as the bottom line, solid foundation as support and strictly governing the Party as the core, which supplement each other. Hopefully, relevant departments, financial institutions and workers in financial industry should strive for deepening the financial innovation, accelerating the financial development and promoting structural reform of the financial supply side, so as to better serve the real economy and push forward the regional financial center construction.