The small loan industry development of Dalian enters the national advanced ranks


In recent days, 6 small loan companies of Dalian were rated as the national excellent small loan company by China Association of Small Loan Companies subordinated to China Bank Regulatory Commission, ranking third across the country next only to Chongqing and Guangzhou. The small-loan company excellent rate reaches 8.2%, up 6% over national average, which marks that the development of small loan industry in our city enters the national advanced ranks. The 2016 development report of small loan industry was also accepted as the model to be promoted throughout the country.



The small loan industry of Dalian insisted on both risk prevention and innovation development in light of actual reality, focused on key areas like serving micro and small sized companies and issues of agriculture, farmer and rural area. By the end of 2016, 74 small loan companies have gained 8.2 billion registered capital, distributed the loan of 8.5 billion yuan annually and 77.9 billion in total, paid taxes of 0.611 billion yuan in total, solved financing problems for small and medium sized enterprises. The transformation development of small-loan companies achieved long-term progress. Currently, 17 small loan companies reached type A standard with two of them listed on New Three Board. In the Northeast, only 3 small loan companies are listed.



Dalian has also issued regulation files to set up a joint supervision system and risk control mechanism and provide a solid mechanism guarantee for the sound development of industrial standardization. Besides, such regulation systems as credit rating and classified regulation have been adopted to achieve dynamic supervision and explore monitoring information system.



Dalian also endeavors to formulate policies and measures in favor of innovation development of small loan companies, simplify approval procedures, broaden financing channels and expand innovative business. In order to optimize industrial environment, Dalian lowered the restriction of minimum capital to satisfy the financing need of key industries. In 2016, 6 technology small loan companies, 1 agricultural small loan company and 1 small shipping company offered a special loan of 2.24 billion yuan in total, which has supported nearly a thousand relevant companies.



In 2016, Dalian also implemented incremental subsidy policy, helping 3 small loan companies to obtain 622,000 yuan of agricultural loan incremental subsidy.