The funds of Dalian introduced in other provinces rank first in Liaoning Province

Dalian attracts investment with sincerity to ensure the implementation of innovative service. The investment work has obtained remarkable achievements. In 2016, the funds of Dalian introduced in other provinces reached 62.86 billion yuan. Both of the total capital amount and the completion rate ranked first in Liaoning. 54 major industrial projects of over 0.1 billion yuan were introduced and reserved.


In 2016, Dalian strengthened the domestic investment including attending “going-out” investment promotion activities twice held by Liaoning Provincial Government, holding “going-out” investment promotion activities for 6 times led by city leaders, discussing 214 projects and signing 141 projects. All regions also held activities including “going-out” investment promotion activities for 112 times, “inviting-in” investment promotion activities for 134 times, discussing 172 projects and signing 107 projects. The relevant departments adopted various forms such as “point-to-point”, visit and investigation, discussed 42 projects with 34 of them signed.


The implementation of investment projects is the ultimate embodiment of domestic investment results. In order to make sure that the projects can be invested and implemented, all regions continuously make innovation to promote initiatives and implement the investment projects combined with the reality of their own. All departments provide policy advice for investment enterprises actively and propose solutions for a comprehensive service. In 2016, the number of new reserve projects reached 255; the number of new signing projects reached 215; the number of new registration projects reached 171; the number of new construction projects reached 95 and the number of newly completed projects reached 48. In the first half of last year, among the 81 signing projects of the Pearl River Delta region and Yangtze River Delta region, the registration rate was 46.9%; the operating rate was 24.7% and the production efficiency rate was 13.6%; in last December, 60 projects were signed in the investment activities of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and Yangtze River Delta region and the registration rate was 13.3%