The economy of Dalian has maintained stable growth for 7 successive months

According to recent statistics, by the end of 2016, Dalian economy had maintained stable growth for 7 successive months with GDP gradually increased seasonally by 3.5%, 3.8%, 4.2%, 4.3%, 5%, 5.8% and 6.5% respectively. Under the great downward economic pressure, Dalian firstly got rid of the sluggish situation and welcomed the first round of economic growth.



Relevant people responsible for Dalian Party Committee expressed that currently Dalian has stepped onto the path of stable growth and will continue to seek breakthrough and take the lead in revitalizing the economy in Liaoning Province.



On February 4, Dalian Party Committee organized a three-day training for nearly 200 leaders to in depth learn the spirit of the speeches by President Xi, further unify thoughts, specify responsibility and strictly govern the Party. Dalian expressly put forward eight measures, such as improving the market mechanism, constructing modern industrial system, promoting the city quality, optimizing the business environment and so on to revitalize the economy.



As an important manufacturing industrial base in China, Dalian is making great efforts to push forward transformation and upgrading of relevant industries. The Heavy Machinery Group Company in China, the largest supplier for forge piece of nuclear power, has invested 570 million yuan in equipment manufacturing, workshop transformation and supporting facilities to make great contributions to the development of nuclear industry.



The phase two project of Hongyanhe nuclear power station is one of the key projects in Dalian, which is at the juncture of moving from the construction to equipment installation with nearly one hundred workers installing relevant equipment.


After the project is finished, Hongheyan nuclear power station will be one of the largest nuclear power stations in the world. Liao Weiming, general manager of Liaoning Hongheyan Nuclear Power Limited Company, expressed that the second phase project will be constructed with higher quality.



In the first season this year, Dalian will strive to construct over 100 major projects and implement 501 projects with over 100 million yuan of investment. Yin Yongjiang, deputy director of Dalian Development and Reform Committee said that the establishment of these projects will play a vital role in upgrading and transformation of industrial structure in Dalian and meanwhile improve the quality and level of supply to ensure stable economic growth.



In addition, Dalian also makes great efforts to create a favorable business environment and put forward new measure that benefit enterprises and talent development so as to attract more capital and talents. Shi Qingzhou, head of Dalian Administration of Industry and Commerce expressed that Dalian will continue to optimize the reform in commercial affairs, bring convenience to the public and enterprises to the maximum and create an international and law-based business environment.