The small loan industry development of Dalian enters the national advanced ranks

At the beginning of spring, the petty loan industry of Dalian received good news. In recent days, 6 small loan companies of Dalian were rated as the national excellent small loan company by China Association of Small Loan Companies subordinated to China Bank Regulatory Commission, ranking the third place across the country next only to Chongqing and Guangzhou. The small-loan company excellent rate reaches 8.1%, up 6% over national average, which marks that the development of small loan industry in our city enters the national advanced ranks.



The industry development achieves positive results by seeking innovation while maintaining standardization.

In recent years, the small loan industry insisted on both risk prevention and innovation development in light of actual reality, focused on key areas like “three rural” and weak process and adhered to the quality improvement and transformation development. By the end of 2016, 74 small loan companies have gained 8.2 billion registered capital, distributed the loan of 8.5 billion yuan annually, paid taxes of 0.595 billion yuan in total, solved financing problems for small and medium sized enterprises.



The transformation development of small-loan companies achieved long-term progress while supporting real economy. Currently, 17 small loan companies reached type A standard with two of them listed on New Three Board, ranking the top among cities specifically designated in the state plan and sub-provincial cities. China Association of Small Loan Companies gave full affirmation to Dalian’s development in small loan industry.



The industrial transformation improves effectiveness by integrating supervision into service.

In the process of promoting industrial development and supporting real economy, Dalian gave full play to the dual role of market leading and government guidance, balanced the risk prevention and innovation development, promote the small industries to make big contributions by combining supervision and service.



Six measures have been taken. The first was to establish supervision system and consolidate the foundation of industrial development. A series of industrial policies, rules, documents and procedures have been issued to set up a joint supervision system and risk control mechanism and provide a solid mechanism guarantee for the sound development of industrial standardization.



The second was to implement the rating classification regulation and improve regulation efficiency. Such regulation systems as credit rating and classification have been adopted to master the enterprises’ operation situation. Due efforts should be made to enhance supervision on enterprises in unfavorable operation condition and support high-quality small loan companies through favorable policies. Currently, 3 companies have been approved to conduct internet business, 3 for equity investment business and 1 for asset securitization business.



The third was to conduct dynamic supervision to explore a supervisory information system to timely master the risk condition of small loan companies, analyze the development trend in a systematic manner and to prevent the operation risks.



The fourth was to support innovation development and stimulate internal vigor. Efforts have been made to formulate policies and measures in favor of innovation development of small loan company, simplify approval procedure, broaden financing channels to better serve real economy.



The fifth was to improve service quality and optimize development environment. Such measures as reducing the minimum capital limit have been taken to satisfy the financing need of key industries. In 2016, 6 technology small loan company, 1 agricultural small loan company and 1 small shipping company offered a special loan of 2 billion yuan in total.



The sixth was to strengthen the support by implementing incremental subsidy policy and encouraging small loan companies to increase the loan concerning agriculture, which effectively improved the “three rural” level and ability of small loan industry.



Promoting sustainable and sound development of small loan industry by ascertaining thoughts and measures.

Small loan industry plays a significant part in mobilizing private financial resources and serving real economy in weak process and supporting the development of small and medium sized companies. We will fully implement the work requirement of municipal government and Party committee, explore the rules and experience of industrial development, take the lead in industrial development and broaden development space to make the small loan industry a vital force to serve real economy.



Several measures were taken. The first was to innovate on the mode of “internet plus small loan” to establish a new platform. By virtue of the deep integration of small loan industry and internet, the small loan companies can broaden business via the internet and set up a joint mechanism both online and offline.



The second was to establish small re-loan company and take the lead in industrial development. Efforts were made to conduct research on the feasibility of setting up small re-loan company, rally power through resource integration and provide such financial service as credit assets transfer and financial information, so as to further expand financing channels and balancing capital supply and demand.



The third was to set up private lending service center to standardize private financing. By drawing on “Wenzhou experience”, the private lending service center can effectively protect the right of debtors and creditors, raise the financing efficiency and prevent local financial risks.



The fourth was to enhance policy support and lead a development new pattern. Efforts were made to pay close attention to the national policy, improve local regulation, strive for favorable tax policy, formulate such risk management system as loan classification system and support the innovation of those small loan companies in good operation condition and risk management level.



The fifth was to enhance in-process and afterwards supervision and establish new mechanism of industrial management. According to the new development situation, efforts should be made to formulate new regulations, conduct credit ratings and classification supervision, optimize supervision approach, improve efficiency and ability, deepen the policy of streamlining government and delegating authorities, so as to achieve the sustainable standardized development.