Financial institutions accelerate aggregation and the construction of local legal persons achieves great breakthrough

Summary of finance work in 2016

By virtue of such favorable policies as national revitalization and opening up, the financial development of Dalian keeps an optimal momentum and the construction of financial institution system has gained improvement in both quality and quantity. In 2016, 32 financial institutions and intermediary financing services at various levels were newly established, reaching an annual record high, and thus the total number within the city has amounted to 756, laying a solid foundation for improving the quality of regional financial center construction during the “13th Five-Year Plan”. Among all the newly-established institutions, legal persons were promoted in the wake of branches, involving both domestic and foreign capital, banking, insurance, securities, equity investment, small loans, financing guarantees, third party payment and so on. Dalian Financial Industry Investment Group Co. Ltd., as the first municipal financial investment platform with 4 billion yuan of registered capital, was officially founded, serving as a powerful force to integrate the financial incremental resource, expand financial volume and improve core competitive edges. As the first insurance asset management in northeast China, Bainian Insurance Asset Management Co., Ltd. was approved to go into operation, which is of great significance to giving play to insurance capital and supporting revitalization of the northeast.