Financial structure becomes more reasonable and capital supply is in place to the whole city

The review of 2016 financial work(second)

In allusion to the contradiction of too much construction fund demand and limited supply of credit, the city's financial system actively adjusts the structure of financing, delves into the potential non-credit financing, uses bonds, stock rights, trust, lease, insurance capital and bank off-balance sheet activities comprehensively to enlarge capital spending and deals with all kinds of unfavorable factors successfully. In the year of 2016, the financing of the city achieved 250 billion yuan and successfully completed the financing plan determined by the municipal government at the beginning of the year. Wherein, non-credit financing was 223.3 billion yuan which accounted for 89% of the total amount of financing; financing of issuing company bonds, corporate bonds and the interbank market debt financing tools was 132 billion yuan, increasing by 31%. The integrated use of all kinds of financial instruments effectively reduces the reliance on indirect financing and constantly strengthens the structure of various financing ways and multivariate funding sources.