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Jinpu New Zone accelerates the construction of highland for a new round of northeast revitalization

Jinpu New Zone thoroughly implemented the spirit of the Dalian leading group for the construction of Jinpu New Zone and was accelerating the construction of highland for a new round of northeast revitalization.



On November 22, Liaoning Provincial Government approved the Implementation Opinion on Promoting the Construction of Jinpu New Zone at the first meeting of Dalian leading group for the construction of Jinpu New Zone. The Party Working Committee and Management Committee of Jinpu New Zone held a special meeting immediately to convey the spirit of the speech by the Governor Chen Qiufa and make the following requirements: the first is to implement the spirit of No. 62[2006] Document by the National Development and Reform Committee, make implementation plans according to the Document, specify l45 tasks in combination with the reality of Jinpu New Zone and launch docking cooperation with Pudong Shanghai. The second is to speed up institutional innovation, deepen the reform of the administrative system, optimize the management of the functional areas, establish management system that matches well with the market and the international rules. The third is to enhance structural adjustment and optimization, speed up the development of modern service industry and highlight six strategic new industries. Up to now, there have been over 700 registered enterprises with a total of 5 billion yuan investment in the cross-border e-commerce pilot zone, and more than 400 have been operating. The fourth is to build a new highland for opening up. 22 tasks on the working list have been completed by the end of the year. Opinions and policies for constructing overseas economic and trade workstation, speeding up industrial development and so on were put forward. Dalian leading group for the construction of Jinpu New Zone was established to improve plans for free trade zone, study major policies, etc.. The fifth is to actively deepen the cooperation among colleges and districts and speed up the construction of regional financial center. There are 438 financial institutions gathering in Xiaoyao Bay International Business District with the total registered capital reaching 13.9 billion.



According to statistics, Jinpu New Zone is expected to reach 225 billion yuan of regional GDP, an increase of 7% and 12.528 billion yuan of general public budget revenue, an increase of 16.8%. There are 20500 new market subjects and 9080 new enterprises this year.