Dalian realized comprehensive tourism income 363.7 billion yuan during the National Holidays.

Yesterday, according to the municipal tourism bureau, Dalian received 2752 thousand tourists at home and abroad with 11.45% year-on-year growth and realized comprehensive tourism income 3.637 billion yuan with an increase of 12.85% during this golden week of National Holiday. The main attractive spots in Dalian received 3054.5 thousand travelers, with ticket receipts of 121208.7 thousand yuan. The renting rate of guest room in the major hotels hit nearly 100%, a year-to-year growth of 2%.



Dalian witnessed the strong festival atmosphere and various tourism activities. She was decorated by thousands of flags and flowers during the holiday. Dalian autumn chrysanthemum show, held in Lao Dong Park, was one of the biggest flower exhibitions, compared to the former years, with more than 10 thousand flowers exhibited. The 11th Dalian international martial arts festival attracted martial amateurs from America, France, Australia and other countries as well as fans from more than 10 provinces to show their skills on the stages.



Knowledge travel becomes more and more popular as the tourism culture extension. Four theme items, such as superman VR museum, dynamic flying museum entitled “flying over Dalian”, magical jellyfish area in the coral hall and kid amusement park, brought the tourists happiness from leisure, magic, science and technology in the sea park of Tiger Beach. Sun Asia ocean world held the activity named“seven happy days in the National Holiday”, which was especially welcomed by youngsters, to help people learn more about the knowledge of ocean animals and the world under sea. During the National Holiday, this attractive spot met the tourism peak. While in the Dalian Forest Zoo, travelers could scan QR codes scattered around the panda house, rainforest reptile hall and happy primate park to learn the secrets of these animals freely and acquire new knowledge. The zoo has received 83.2 thousand tourists during the seven days, reaching the highest level.



With its outstanding advantages, Dalian shows its great charm in romance and fashion. East Port and east water town have become bright points of Dalian tourism, attracting thousands of tourists every day. In the East Port, the musical fountain attracted numerous citizens to visit each night, while in the east water town, they took the Chinese Dondola for sightseeing. The program of “watching Dalian on the sea” was popular among the visitors. They took the luxury sightseeing boat, enjoying the seaside scenery and the romantic city. Significant Xinghai Bay and romantic Corniche Road also attracted a lot of travelers. Cruise tour is a new fashion for the tourists. “Chinese Mount Tai” cruise loaded more than 900 visitors starting from Dalian to Japan for experience of cruise life.