The bonded area supported the development of small and micro business actively

Up to now, there are 10360 small and micro enterprises, accounting for71% of the total market players. From the industry distribution, we can see the top three are still traditional ones, namely, 4899 in wholesale and retail ; 1052 in industry 1052 and 855 in transportation industry 855. The first one is establishing the leadinggroup. Based on the requirement of Notice of the Office of Dalian Municipal People’s Government on Promoting the Construction of Small and Micro Enterprises Directory issued by office of Dalian municipal government and approved by Management Committee, the leading group for small and micro enterprises in the bonded area of Dalian was founded, composed of Bureau of Economic Development and Statistics and Bureau of Finance and other 7 member departments in order to strengthen the leading ability.The second one is lowering the standard of market access. The Administration implemented the document spirit of the commercial system reform  by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce based on the principle of “not being forbidden means being permitted” to lower the standard to the hilt. Meanwhile, it performed the tenet of “three certificates being one, one license one code” to simplify the approval procedures, improve the registration efficiency, reduce the cost of enterprises and provide convenience for small and micro businesses. Up to this September, there is an increase of 5384 small and micro enterprises in the bonded area, increasing by 75% compared to the same period of last year. The third one is upgrading the guiding service level. The Bureau has paid in-depth visits andconducted further research to find out the bottleneck problems confronting enterprises in development and carried out precise tracking services specifically to help small and micro enterprises solve the problem. In view of the financing problem, the Bureau has set up “two convenient channels” of chattel mortgage registration and equity pledged registration to optimize the handling process and improve the registration efficiency. Up to now, there is a total of 320,000,000 yuan equity pledged and a total of 1.35 billion chattel mortgage. The Bureau has taken an active part in guiding the small and micro enterprises to carry out trademark strategies to enhance their trademark awareness through wide publicity and forumshelp the small and micro enterprises promote brand creation in a systematic way and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. There have been 7 pieces of provincial and municipal famous trademarks. During the annual report, the Bureau adopts the method of combining intensive training and on-site guidance to conduct detailed guidance on the annual report work of small and micro enterprises to promote their publicity and sharing of credit information.