Market Supervision Bureau of Ganjingzi District has implemented four measures to promote sustainable healthy development of local economy

Market Supervision Bureau of Ganjingzi District has implemented four measures asfollows to promote sustainable healthy development of local economy.The first measure is toconduct diagnostic investigation of market entities. The Bureau has concentrated on diagnostic investigation of market entities in the whole district and issued Statistics of Enterprise Survival Status and it has set files and classified the dormant companies according to existing time. Through the guidance of cancellation, simple cancellation, forced cancellation and other ways to clear and specify dormant and zombie enterprises, the Bureau has found 2443 dormant enterprises, 584 guiding yearly cancellation enterprises and it has changed registration of 91 ones and canceled 803 ones, which has ensured the number of market entities, and lay a solid foundation for strengthening market supervision. The second one is tofurther clear and rectify those enterprises haven’t paid taxes. The Bureau has conducted diagnostic investigation of those enterprises haven’t paid taxes and led the enterprises to establish branch institutions and independent accounting enterprises and it has joined hands with tax department to govern and standardize those companies haven’t conducted tax registration or failed to pay taxes. The Bureau has sorted out 359 enterprises failing to pay taxes and it has urged 465 companies to make up tax registration in the whole district. It’s estimated that the tax will be increased by 6.86 million, which will not only enhance the financial capacity of local government and preserve fair competition of market order.The third one is toguide individual business to upgrade to start company. In the whole district, the investment of manufacturing industry with over 100000 yuan, lodging and catering industry, private clinics and pharmacies with 80000 yuan, wholesale and retail industry with more than 300000 are listed as primary targets of “individual business upgrading to start company” program. The Bureau has established 17 “individual business upgrading to start company” directive breeding bank, which has accumulated abundant resources for the program of “individual business upgrading to start company”. These targets are chosen from individual business with great scale, high investment, more employees, franchise chain and aiming to achieve more. The Bureau has enhanced policy publicizing, explaining and persuading and adopted the method of “Abolishing One, Starting One” to guide individual business to cancel the original ones and start to register companies. Up to now, the District has completed 229 companies concerning “individual business upgrading to start company”. The fourth one is to assist enterprises to be bigger and stronger. The Bureau has further promoted brand strategy, with those possessing high start, novel products’ technology, strong quality guarantee and excellent performance as primary cultivating targets to actively organize echelon companies for cultivating brand and guide the companies to practice the spirit of craftsman to do well in brand promotion. The Bureau has guided 13 enterprises to complete the declaring work of province’s famous trademark extension and recommended 5 enterprises to declare the province’s famous trademark enterprises in 2016; 10 enterprises have been recommended to declare the province’s well-known products, and 8 ones havedeclared “the top ten influential private enterprises brand in Dalian”. The Bureau has been actively helping on loan financing of enterprises and assisting the enterprises on mortgage of personal property and loan financing to revitalize the enterprises’ dormant assets and raise the asset utilization ratio. The Bureau has registered 97 pieces of personal poverty, with mortgage amount of 2.91 billion yuan and it has provided loan financing to enterprises with a total amount of 1.48 billion which has injected new vigor for the enterprises’ development.