‘A-share Listed Symposium’ Held by Municipal Finance Bureau



On June 23, Municipal Finance Bureau and the Ernst & Young jointly organized the "corporate bonds business training" to help companies understand the city's registration system, strategic emerging industries board and other capital market financing business, to broaden financing channels for enterprises, and to effectively use the capital market to become bigger and stronger. Peng Yigang, director of Business listing service area of Shanghai Stock Exchange issued section, introduced some relevant policies about the registration system and strategic emerging industries board. Wu Fenglai, managing director of Guoxin Securities Investment Bank, gave a thematic explanation about “Change and Transformation of Investment Bank under the Registration System”. Accountants of Ernst & Young and YingMing Law Firm also made thematic explanations respectively about financial audit, law, and stimulation problems of workers equity for executives and key personnels. There were almost 140 people from municipal and county governments of all districts, relevant departments of the management committee in leading districts, listed companies, the “new three board” listed companies and relevant intermediary agencies in our city took prat in this conference where enterprises and experts communicated and answered each other’s questions.


Dalian municipal party committee and municipal government have paid high attention to multi-level capital market construction work all this time. They formulated, printed and distributed < The Twelfth Five-year Plan for Capital Market Development in Dalian>, and other policy documents. By taking effective measures such as optimizing the subsidy policy, establishing linkage mechanism and green channel mechanism, launching professional training, strengthening county work and so forth, they have strengthened overall promotion and guidance. As a result, multi-level capital market real economy service achieved significant success. Since the "Twelfth Five-Year", the amount of the city's direct financing have reached 267.8 billion yuan, 2.9 times the total capital market financing of the previous eighteen years. Especially in the last year, our city achieved a comprehensive breakthrough in promoting enterprises to make multi-level capital market financing, with direct financing of 102.976 billion yuan, exceeding 100 billion mark for the first time, increasing by 75% year-on-year. Until now, our city have had 49 listed companies (Dalian port being listed respectively in Hong Kong main board and domestic main board, and counted as one in the total number of listed companies), among which there are 28 domestic listed companies, 22 overseas listed companies, and 37 companies hanging out their shingle of “New Three Board”, with total capital market financing over 380 billion yuan. A capital market pattern with mainboard, SME board, GEM board and New Three Board advancing together has initially formed in our city.