Initial success has been achieved in mechanism innovation with the real economy in financial service more targeted

The fourth summary of the 2016 financial work


 Last year, Dalian financial system actively innovated on the mechanism and system and continuously improved efficiency of the real economy in financial service. The first policy-based agriculture bonding company and system have been built in Dalian to increase the support of issues of agriculture, farmer and rural area as well as the county economy. Due efforts have been also made to promote increasing investment to policy-based boning companies with 0.25 billion yuan, enhance the policy-based bonding mechanism, further improve the service ability for middle and small-sized enterprises as well as  the issues of agriculture, farmer and rural area and creatively develop loan guarantee insurance for small businesses. 9 small businesses in Dalian have been provided with19.5 million yuan loan. The establishment and effective operation of service mechanism realized long-acting effect in every work method, solved the problem of only taking stopgap measures in financial service and made the financial service more targeted and feasible.