The direct finance of Dalian increases 60% in the first half year

Since the beginning of 2016, Dalian has further intensified its efforts in pressing ahead with the direct finance in multi-level capital market and achieved remarkable results. In the first half year, the direct finance in capital market reached 92.342 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 60%. Among them, 4 listed companies including Dalian Tiaobao Green Food Co., Ltd, Dalian Port, Dalian Rubber & Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. and Dalian Refrigeration Co. Ltd. refinanced 15.615 billion yuan (Dalian Rubber & Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. financed 9.188 billion yuan on private placement asset subscription); 7 three new board listed companies including Huaxin Co., Ltd. financed 0.207 billion yuan; 33 enterprises realized the bond financing of 76.52 billion yuan through issuing short-term financing bonds, medium-term notes, corporate bonds and corporate bonds, increasing by 2.1 times compared with the previous year.