Joint Defense and Control Mechanism of the State Council: This Year's Grain Production will be Stable and Supply will be Guaranteed

Liu Lihua, deputy director of the Department of Planting Management of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said on the 19th that judging from the spring sowing situation, as of April 18, the national spring sowing grain had completed 21% of the intended area, a progress of 1 percentage point faster than last year. I believe that as long as the seasons are tightly grasped and closely linked, the grain supply can be stable this year.


Liu Lihua said at the press conference of the State Council's joint defense and control mechanism held on the same day that the area of grain sown in spring is more than half of the whole year's area. At present, the early rice seedling raising has been completed and the field sowing has passed 80%, 2.4 percentage points faster than last year. At present, the seedlings are growing well, which is a good start for resuming double-cropping rice production.


On the issue of China's grain reserves, Liu Lihua said that at present China has sufficient grain reserves and is completely self-sufficient in food rations. Rice and flour can be bought as soon as possible.


April 19 this year is Grain Rain in the 24 solar terms. Liu Lihua said that according to the farming season, spring sowing after Grain Rain will reach its peak in a large area. She said that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will continue to pay close attention to all aspects of spring ploughing production, guide farmers to land their intended areas, implement key measures, complete this year's spring sowing task with high standards and quality, seize a bumper summer grain harvest, and win the initiative of a bumper year's grain harvest.