Joint Defense and Control Mechanism of the State Council: The Circulation of Agricultural Products has Basically Returned to Normal

Chen Ping, a first-class inspector of the Market and Information Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said at a press conference on the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council on the 19th that with the improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation in the near future, the circulation of agricultural products in China has basically returned to normal, with prices mainly falling in a stable way, with the average weekly price of pork wholesale nationwide falling for 7 consecutive weeks.


Chen Ping said that since the beginning of this year, affected by the epidemic situation, the connection between the production and marketing of agricultural products in some areas has been blocked by stages and the price fluctuation is relatively large. However, due to China's stable agricultural production capacity and sufficient total amount, the market operation is basically stable.


Liu Lihua, deputy director of the Department of Planting Management of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that with the gradual restoration of the economic operation order, the consumption demand for "vegetable basket" products has picked up, and judging from the current production situation, the total supply is guaranteed.


Liu Lihua said that since February, all localities have actively expanded vegetable production and planted fast-growing leafy vegetables, and the vegetable area in the country has maintained a steady increase. At present, the area of vegetables in the country is over 67 million mu, an increase of over 20 million mu over the end of February, laying an area foundation for ensuring supply. In addition, road transportation across the country has basically resumed smooth flow, and the checkpoints that hinder vegetable harvest from villages have also been basically cancelled. Wholesale markets for agricultural products, large-scale supermarkets and convenience stores have basically resumed normal operations, providing guarantee for smooth vegetable sales.


"Judging from the trend in the later period, the grain stock is sufficient, the pig production capacity continues to recover, the poultry production situation improves, the seasonal vegetable market increases, and the agricultural product market is expected to remain generally stable." Chen Ping said.


Chen Ping said that in the next step, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will focus on grain and live pigs, further strengthen agricultural production, strengthen market monitoring and early warning, do a good job in the docking service of production and marketing, and effectively ensure the supply of agricultural products.