Tan Zuojun Went to Wafangdian City to Investigate the Resumption of Work and Preparation for Spring Ploughing

On March 26, Tan Zuojun, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and commander-in-chief of the Municipal novel coronavirus pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, came to Wafangdian City to go deep into the workshops and fields of the enterprise to investigate and inspect the resumption of work and preparation for spring ploughing. He stressed that on the premise of grasping the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, we should lose no time in grasping production, promoting production and steady development, and strives to minimize the adverse effects caused by the epidemic situation and ensure the completion of the objectives and tasks for the whole year. Xiong Boli, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary General, attended.


Tan Zuojun first came to Laohutun Town and went deep into Wanbaozhimada Wafangdian Co., Ltd. to learn about the resumption of work and production of the enterprise. He asked the local government to keep a close eye on the needs of the enterprise and strengthen the protection of skilled personnel and other factors. At the construction site of Laohutun Town Sewage Treatment Plant, Tan Zuojun demanded to seize the construction period to speed up the construction and put it into use as soon as possible. Tan Zuojun also came to Dalian Dianlong Agricultural Materials Sales Co., Ltd. to learn more about the storage, purchase and sale of agricultural materials, and asked relevant departments to strengthen market supervision to ensure reliable quality of agricultural materials and stable market.


Dalian Dongli Craft Textile Co., Ltd. is a tassel design and processing enterprise. Its products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Europe and the United States. Tan Zuojun encourages enterprises to keep a close eye on market demand, carry out technological innovation, dig deep into cultural connotation and seize market share. In Dalian Jinshan Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Tan Zuojun entered the workshop to look at the products and ask questions about difficulties, encouraging enterprises to strengthen their confidence, seize opportunities and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of products.


In the big cherry orchard of Yingle Valley in Deli Temple, Tan Zuojun walked into the cherry greenhouse to learn more about cherry planting and online sales, and asked relevant departments to increase support, broaden the sales channels of agricultural products and promote farmers' income. Tan Zuojun also came to Sanhuan Standardized Safe Vegetable Demonstration Base in Yuantai Town and walked into tomato and eggplant vegetable greenhouses to learn more about the "vegetable basket" project and the construction of facility agriculture, hoping to make good use of the industrial cooperation mode between village enterprises and expand the village collective economy.


During the investigation, Tan Zuojun stressed that the current is the critical period for the import of foreign epidemic prevention and the initial period for the economic operation of the whole year. On the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, we should seize the opportunity to grasp production, promote production and steady development, and ensure the completion of the objectives and tasks of the whole year. It is necessary to accurately implement the policy of benefiting enterprises, help enterprises to solve practical difficulties, improve the rate of resumption and achievement of production, and embark on a sound operation track as soon as possible. All kinds of enterprises should keep a close eye on market demand, seize development opportunities and continuously become bigger and stronger. We should not miss the farming season to do a good job of spring ploughing and preparation, establish green channels, unblock logistics and distribution, ensure the supply of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and other agricultural materials, and lay a good foundation for stable agricultural production. We should vigorously carry out science and technology to promote agriculture, strengthen agricultural technology guidance and training, make good use of online and offline sales platforms, and strive to make products sold, brands called loudly, and farmers benefited a lot.