Dalian 5 Brands on the List of Regional Public Brands of Agricultural Products with Chinese Characteristics

According to information from the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs yesterday, the recently concluded 17th China International Agricultural Products Trade Fair released the catalogue of 300 representative regional public brands of characteristic agricultural products, Dalian cherry, Zhuanghe blueberry, Dalian apple, Dalian sea cucumber and Liaoning ginseng, which is mainly produced in our city, are listed on the list, which fully shows the fruitful achievements of agricultural brand construction in our city.


The 300 selected catalog brands have the following characteristics: the first time for the public collection, the enthusiasm of the declaration of the main body is high; Wide brand coverage; Categories are diversified; New brand appearance, stand out, showing the brand's driving ability and vigorous vitality; Brand building in developed regions has yielded fruitful results and seized the market highland. Brand awareness awakening in underdeveloped areas, some of the outstanding brands that are not known by people for the first time come out of the deep mountains and remote areas and appear in the public's sight. Through the establishment of China's agricultural brand catalogue system, to create a number of well-known, excellent, influential, and internationally competitive Chinese agricultural brands, to speed up China's transformation from a large agricultural country to a strong agricultural country. This batch of agricultural brands will become an important tractive force to promote the prosperity of the industry, help people to get rich, and promote the revitalization of rural areas.