Dalian Attended National Modern City Agriculture On-Site Exchange Conference

From May 2 to 3, the national modern city agriculture on-site exchange conference was held in Tianjin.

Han Changbin, minister of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, together with Qu Dongyu, deputy minister of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Song Jianchao, member of Party group, Ma Aiguo, the chief agronomist, presented the conference. The deputy mayors taking charge of agriculture from each province, autonomous region, municipality, city with independent budgetary status, provincial capital and certain cities, together with main leaders in agriculture administrative departments and leaders of national shopping basket management department joint committee, attended the conference. Besides, Haoming, the deputy mayor of Dalian, together with Liu Mingzhi, director of municipal rural affair committee, attended the conference.

Han Changbin stated that it has achieved remarkable success in national city agriculture development in recent years. It was mainly reflected in the following aspects. The supply capacity of agricultural products has been greatly enhanced. The degree of self-sufficiency stabilized around 80%. The agricultural production structure was optimized constantly with new industries and commercial activities emerged vigorously. Besides, it accelerated the transformation of the development pattern of agriculture and steadily advanced the ecological circular agriculture construction. It has explored a series of featured rural reform modes in suburb to play the roles of prior to carry and try. The per capital disposable income in rural area reached 16747yuan, which was 4383yuan higher than national average.

The conference representatives have visited Tianjin Modern agriculture, including new village construction in Shuangjie village, Beichen District, spring of the north, the agricultural demonstration park in Wuqing District, ecological agricultural science and technology park in Binhai New District and state flowers and plants science park.