Lushunkou District Deepened Its Service and Made Good Start In Agricultural Production

In this year's spring ploughing and farming preparation, Lushunkou District has fully played its role as a functional department, deepened its service, strengthened service guidance to farmers, and made a good start in agricultural production.

It did a good job in the storage of agricultural production materials such as storing seed, fertilizer, pesticide, agricultural machinery and agricultural plastic, and in the transportation of agricultural materials to ensure adequate storage and stable supply. The district has stored more than 80,000 kilograms of beans and vegetable seeds, 200,000 kilograms of virus-free potato seeds, 2,800 tons of high-quality fertilizer, 11,000 kilograms of high-efficiency and low-toxicity pesticide, 3,760 agricultural machineries, and more than 300 tons of agricultural plastic. At present, 80% agricultural materials have been issued, which meets the demand for spring agricultural production.

The district has completed 36,000 acres of spring land preparation, 9500 acres of early spring crop sown area, of which 5,000 acres is transplanted vegetable, 1500 acres is fresh corn, 3,000 acres is potato. The district has completed an area of 198,000 mu of land management in spring, including clipping 58,000 mu of fruit trees, irrigating 70,000 mu of orchard, and spraying insecticide 70,000 mu of fruit trees. In the first quarter, the district harvested 5697 tons of vegetables and 85 tons of fruit, and achieved a total production value of 46.5 million yuan.