Zhuanghe leaders Inspect Spring Plowing and Poverty Alleviation Industry

On April 19, Su Changzhong and Wang Guojian, Vice Mayors of Changhe City, accompanied by relevant personnel, came to Qingdui Township and Taling Township of Zhuanghe City to inspect the  spring plowing and the development of epoverty alleviation industry.

They first came to the live broadcast of rice drought in Kongjia Village, Qingdui Township. In a 500 acres of land in Banqiao Tun, Kongjia Village, many machines were operating such as soil preparation, sowing and fertilization.The leaders pointed out at the scene that modern agriculture is different from traditional agriculture. Now, we must take the agricultural supply-side reform as the main task, effectively promote land circulation, concentrate land to professional farmers, and vigorously develop modern agriculture and eco-agriculture environment friendly, resource-saving , and promote the development of agriculture, tourism, culture, education, boosting the village rejuvenation.