The Sampling Eligible Rate of Strawberry in Dalian was 100%

Recently, the food safety committee organized special inspection on 5 main strawberry production areas in Zhuanghe City, Pulandian District, Jinpu New District, Lvshunkou District and Huayuankou District. It inspected 41 strawberry samples in 18 production units casually. In accordance with national regulations, 68 chemical residuals have been inspected and all samples were qualified.

When implementing the special supervision, the law enforcers also inspected the records of strawberry production, use of agricultural inputs, package label and service condition of national forbidden agricultural chemicals, so as to supervise the producer to strictly implement the systems of state provisions and standards for the safe use of agricultural chemicals as well as the production record. As for single problem of incomplete production record in the inspection, the enforcers put forward the rectify opinions on the spot.