Dalian Organized Science Rally Activity to Advance Spring Ploughing and Improve Production

On March 25, Dalian municipal agricultural committee, cooperated with Wafangdian agriculture development bureau, organized a science rally activity in Xietun Town, Wafangdian City. Besides, many agricultural departments including Dalian Agricultural Technology Promotion Center, Dalian Agricultural Mechanization Technology Promotion Station, Dalian Agricultural Machinery Safety Supervision Station, Dalian Agricultural Product Quality Safety Center, Dalian Animal Husbandry Master Station, Dalian Rural Energy Promotion Center, Dalian Seed Management Station, Wafangdian Agricultural Technology Promotion Center and Wafangdian Animal Control and Prevention Center, attended the activity.

30,000 science publicity materials, including “Transgenic Knowledge Leaflets”, “Picture Album of Comprehensive Utilization of Straw”, “Quality and Safety Regulations of Agricultural Products in Liaoning”, “Management Regulations of Agricultural Chemical” and “Wealth-Building for Peasant”, have been distributed on the spot. Besides, it demonstrated 40 various display panels and responded to consultations from peasants for over 2,000 times. It has improved the scientific quality of rural spring ploughing in our city and provided intellectual support for our spring ploughing and agricultural production safety.