Spring Becomes A Harvest Season in Lushunkou District

It is a gratifying scene that peasants are busy harvesting in the rural areas in Lushunkou District, although it is during the busy season of spring farming. Spring has become the harvest season for farmers in Lushunkou District since the vegetable, cherry and strawberry in greenhouse are ripe for market. 

The cherry in greenhouse is on sale in advance. The cherry in Rihong Ecological Garden( more than 80 acres) in Shantou Village, Shuangdaowan Subdistrict matured in early March and was sold for 100 RMB per catty. It can be sold until May, and the minimum price is  about 50 RMB per catty. The vegetable farmers at the Hongjia Village and Tuchengzi Village in Sanjianbao Subdistrictt are busy harvesting vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, radish, and lettuce and celery.

At present, Lushunkou District has planted 6,000 acres of vegetable and 3,000 acres of fruit. In the first quarter, 5697 tons of vegetable and 85 tons of fruit were harvested, reaching a total production value of 46.5 million RMB. The production of fruit and vegetable in greenhouses has become an important way to increase agricultural efficiency and farmers' income.