Dalian Two Ttechnical Regulations of Agriculture Are Appraised by Experts

On March 20, the Municipal Council of Agriculture and the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau organized an assessment team to review the“Technical Specification for Chinese Chives Production ”and“Technical Regulations for Celery Production”drafted by Dalian Agricultural Center. The team is composed of experts from the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Provincial Agricultural Technology Extension Station, the Municipal Institute of Standardization, Ganjingzi Agriculture Center, and the Lushunkou Agricultural Center.

At the meeting, the experts listened carefully to the report prepared by the standard drafting organization and the report on standard setting. They reviewed the relevant materials, discussed in detail the various aspects of the standard such as format, content and reviewed the items one by one, indicated the problems in the standard and made recommendations. The materials of two standard technical are complete, scientific and reasonable, with wide applicability and strong operability. The experts voted unanimously to approve the two papers, which will be formally released after the recent revision and improvement.