Dalian Agricultural Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment Conducted Specific Rectification

From March 9 to 23, the Municipal Agricultural Administrative Law Enforcement  Detachment combined with law enforcement teams of all districts and counties to conduct specific rectification on veterinary medicine.  A total of 22 sales units of veterinary medecine and 5 units for feed production and sale were inspected in Ganjingzi District, Wafangdian City, Pulandian District, Huayuankou Economic Zone and Zhuanghe City.

During the law enforcement inspection process, Law-enforcement personnel carefully verified the units. The inspection mainly focused on the sale of veterinary medicine, feed production and the validity period of business license, business certificate of veterinary medicine, and feed production of sales units. They strictly inspected shelves, warehouses, and raw material warehouses, and severely cracked down on unlicensed operations and sales of counterfeit veterinary medicine, using human medicine for veterinary and illicit medicine supplements.

As of March 22, 2 veterinary medicine sales units were handled  and 2 cases were transferred to the local agricultural administrative law enforcement.